Knit, knit, knit!

Whenever I think of knitting I always picture a sweet old grandma sitting in her rocking chair. However, this stereotype is slowly breaking from that visual, because ever since I have begun to learn to knit I’ve found that a lot of my peers do as well! The knitting demographic is expanding to a younger generation. Even the how-to tutorials on YouTube are evenly split between the younger and older generations. I wanted to see if I could contribute to the knitting community on YouTube so for my last video I made one on how to knit. After watching this video for the hundredth time, I realized that it has some qualities that I liked and some that I would change in the future. I enjoyed the various angles of the camera, normally these types of videos just focus on the knitter’s hands and that can get a little dry. The fast forwarded part also helped with being more visually stimulating and I think the fading transitions aided in smoothing out the camera’s angle changes. One main thing that I would change would be to add quiet music playing in the background. For this video I just removed the audio when I was not speaking.



Super Mario for the Wii and 3DS is a game that I recently discovered and have become extremely addicted to. In 1980 Nintendo’s release of Radar Scope failed miserably. In order to save the company the president/CEO asked one of the staff artists to create a game from his own ideas. It was Shigeru Miyamoto‘s ideas that saved the company and what eventually lead to the development of Super Mario. This video features my  friend Delaney Bullinger playing Super Mario Bros. for the Wii.

Video 1

I was grateful that the non-editing video was the first assignment because simply setting up the equipment proved to be challenging. Once I figured out how to put everything together and straighten the tripod, the actual filming part turned out to be fairly simple and quite fun! My favorite part was re-watching the what I had filmed. I haven’t seen a ‘home video’ in such a long time and this one with my friends turned out to be hilarious (to me anyway).

Altered Objects

The sumo turkey pictured below seemed faded and it blended into the background. In order to make it seem more alive and warm, I altered the contrast. To remove the unflattering background I used the magnetic magic wand tool to rid of the large sections. For the small portions of the background that still remained, such as between the ridges of the feathers, I used the eraser tool to achieve the end result.

IMG_1491     sumoTurkeyUpdate

Plump thanksgiving turkey fights back

Yoshi is one of the beloved characters in Mario Kart. Here he is on top of a Pez dispenser. I loved the clarity and sharpness of this image in addition to the location of the light and how it falls on the character, accentuating certain features. However, the background is much too cluttered and I wanted the photograph to show Yoshi. By cropping the photo and using the magic wand tool and eraser to get rid of the background I achieve the photograph seen on the right. I think these alterations allow the viewer to focus on the placement of the lighting and the organic and non-organic lines which make up Yoshi.

IMG_5120 yoshiUpdated

Mario Kart’s Yoshi

This photograph is one of my favorites. I loved the contrast between the orange and white on the pumpkin and the dark green and yellow on the acorn squash. Since contrasts become more obvious in black and white, I altered the photograph. I also loved the black in the foreground of the photograph because, once again it provides an excellent contrast with the lighter colors. The stem of pumpkins are all unique and it is actually what I look for when picking out my pumpkin. This being the case, I wanted the stem to be the sharpest focus in the photograph. Using the sharpening brush I was able to make this happen.

IMG_8361     pumkinSquashUpdate

The joys of Fall

Beautiful Landscapes

The two photos below were taken at a swamp in Corvallis, Oregon. I really wanted this shot to be focused on two things, first the sunset and second the silhouette of the grasses and cattails. In order to achieve this I cropped the photograph so that the   view became more narrow. Then I accentuated the sunset by adjusting the contrast.

swamp     swampUpdate

Beautiful sunset in Corvallis, Oregon

This photograph was taken at the front entrance of Linfield College. I really enjoy the lines in this photo. I love how the lines of the shadows contrast with organic, vertical lines made by the trees. One thing that I did not like in the original was how you could see houses in the background. Using the clone tool I removed these so that now it appears to just be an open forest of trees.

landscape     landscapeUpdate


Lurking shadows at Linfield College, McMinnville, OR

The images of the corn field maze below only have one element edited, the sky. I loved the white whips of the cloud on the right, a hint of those sunny, but freezing fall days. However the clouds on the left of the photo reminded me that following fall comes the down pour of rain and freezing weather. I wanted the viewer to be happy when they viewed this photograph so by replacing the darker clouds with bright blue sky, I believe this emotion can be achieved. This replacement was done by the means of the clone tool.

cornField     cornFieldUpdate


Frolicking through a maze of corn

Food Edits

Having never used Adobe Photoshop editing these photographs was quite challenging. For the image of the cupcakes below, I used the crop tool to get rid of the blank space above the dessert. Then I changed the photograph to black and white so that that the contrast between the frosting and the sprinkles really stands out from each other. The change to black and white also brings out the detail of the edges in the frosting, making those lines more clear.

IMG_0171     cupcakeUpdate

Decadent cupcakes

The bowl of ramen below contains such rich colors that I didn’t want the glare from the flash take away from that so I adjusted the brightness accordingly. I also loved how the deep wood table varied from the white bowl, but I did not like how noticeable the small red bowl in the background was. To rid of this bowl I used the clone stamp tool to draw over it and make it disappear.

IMG_1999     ramenUpdate

Colorful, healthy ramen

The editing job on the taco salad below was fairly simple. I wanted the photograph to just focus on the food. Using the magnetic wand I was able to remove large chunks of the background. To fix the parts that weren’t covered by the wand I went in with the eraser tool and erased the parts of the table that still remained. I like the end product because the negative space envelopes the bowls in a very complimentary way.

IMG_1186     tacoSaladUpdate

Homemade taco salad

Analyzing a Photograph

One of the photographs that I really enjoyed taking was the one of the inside strings of a piano. The piano itself is very artistic looking and I love how this photograph displays this. The soft swirl that curls beneath the strings adds a complimentary contrast to the taut strings that criss-cross each other. The red line of felt stands out against the wood in a pleasing manner. I really enjoyed how I used the aperture to make the strings closest to the viewer clear (as clear as I could, this was one of many attempts) and more out of focus in the back of the photo. I think that this is just the right amount of clarity and really guides your eye all the way to the back so that the depth and layers of the piano can be recognized.