American Characters

The Linfield College Department of Music presented American Characters, a violin and piano concert March 2nd by Casey Bozell (violin) and Chris Engbretson (piano). Delkin Recital Hall almost reached it’s capacity this past Saturday. Performing composers from Copland to Barber, those young, old and in between came to listen. The amount of pieces played by living composers is one of many things that made this concert stand out. Amelia Bierly, the composer who wrote Baffling String was in attendance. Hearing the description about the piece and what she had to say was a unique experience because typically the composers have passed on. Although all of the pieces performed were phenomenal, my favorite was the opening number composed by Mark O’ Connor, titled Caprice No.1 in A Major which was performed by Casey Bozell. I think that the composer’s site provided me with a good contrast between his interpretation and that of Bozell’s.


Delkin Recital Hall, Linfield College Photo by Lauren Pak


3 thoughts on “American Characters

  1. This fulfills the assignment, but there could be so much more – an embed of the SoundCloud track, a link to an embedded photo of Delkin, a link to Chris Engebretson. You also have proofreading problems: In the first sentence, you can remove “was held,” and I think you meant to have a comma, not a period in “Mark O’ Connor. Titled Caprice No.1.” Were you in a hurry to finish this?

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