Oregon is my favorite place to live. Not only does it have the best weather and scenery but it has tiny bugs. Any time I travel I just want to return back home to the giant evergreens and mountains which surround my house. Some of the best locations in Oregon are Multnomah Falls, the Oregon Coast and Crater Lake.

Multnomah Fallsoregon coastcrater lake

Photographs from: http://www.wiveswithknives.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Multnomah-Falls-4.jpg , http://envisionuo.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/ecola-point-oregon-coast.jpg , http://travelmedford.org/attractions/images/crater-lake-2.jpg

Along the coast there are so many different things that you can do. Waiting till the tide gets low, biking, dining and just enjoying the fresh air are a few things that people look forward to doing when visiting the coast. I enjoy going to Multnomah Falls anytime of the year. The hiking trails provide an excellent workout and prime landscape for picture taking. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and it’s filled with fresh water. It’s beauty is well known and is a postcard favorite.

Although the many sites and attractions in Oregon are breathtaking the one thing that I enjoy the most is one of the simplest acts of nature, the rain. My relatives outside of Oregon mock the rain and joke about how it must be impossible to dry off in “Or-gone”. I find that the sound of it is probably the most calming and peaceful of all. Despite the fact the sun is blinding today, it was raining the other day and I opened my window to listen. The sound is simple and easily identifiable but also unique.


One thought on “Oregon

  1. I appreciate what you’ve tried to do here, but this is an example of audio that doesn’t fully convey the meaning. Unless it’s raining really hard, and you’ve got big drops falling on something very percussive (like a steel garbage can, etc.), the sound of rain usually comes across mostly as undifferentiated white noise. The recording is very good – loud enough, and I can hear the raindrops if I listen. But for the most part, it’s hard to develop a mental picture based on this audio. Recording nature sounds is a real art, because the source sounds are really very quiet. Often, nature sound engineers use specialized mikes so they can really focus in on the details in nature. Nevertheless, I’m pleased with the effort here. It shows you’re experimenting. Otherwise, I really like everything else about this post.

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