Linfield’s Concerto Competition

concerto competition

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Every other year Linfield College holds a Concert Competition where students audition to perform with the Linfield Chamber Orchestra. This year there were a total of five winners. Varying from piano to percussion, the very last concert for the Linfield Chamber Orchestra will certainly go out with a bang. Sophomore Tabby Gholi will be performing a piece by Monti titled Csardas. The fast and slow changes in tempo pull in the listener and this gypsy style concerto makes the audience want to dance. Below are some excepts of Tabby Gholi playing a portion of Csardas. The first one is the very beginning of the piece followed by an example of the fast excerpt.

Another one of the concerto winners, Kelsey Garrett ’15 is a percussionist. Specializing in marimba she will be performing the fourth movement of the piece, Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra by Ney Rosauro. Below are two excepts from Garrett’s piece. The first is one the beginning of Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra and the latter is a cadenza. The cadenza demonstrates what a strong player Garrett is and the emotion that she is able to convey through her instrument.

The Linfield Concerto Competition will be performed Friday, March 15th at 8:00pm in Ice Auditorium at Linfield College.


One thought on “Linfield’s Concerto Competition

  1. This is a fantastic post. What better way to bring sound into your blog than to record great players in the recital hall. That was a terrific choice. All of the recordings are crisp, clear, and convey the feeling of the room. I think the only down side to this post is the photo at the top. It’s much too small to see, and it stays the same if I click through it, so it really doesn’t add anything to the post. Actually, it detracts, since it’s right at the top. You could improve the post by deleting the photo, and letting the read follow the Concerto Competition link. But this is a small point. You should be really happy with the audio – it shows you have a good ear. Bravo!

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