Attempting to Photograph

The following are some of the images that I captured with the Canon G10 camera.

049  016

For the two photos above  I shot one during the day and one at night. I found that a slightly slower shutter speed works better at night because it allows for more light to come in because it is open for a longer period of time.

008 007

In the photos above, I changed the aperture being at both the low and high ends of the spectrum. I think that for this photo I like the lower F stop because it provides a sharper image of the piano strings right at the front at the photo, which does a better job at capturing the viewer’s attention.

006 005

For these photos I discovered that cameras are extremely sensitive to the amount of light that is available. Although this was in the sunlit lobby of the music building at Linfield College, the fact that I was under the hood of the piano taking a picture prevented light from getting to the camera; so I had to use the flash for a better quality picture.

004 003

For me these next two really demonstrate aperture and what it does. The left picture is on a high F stop so the depth of field was far, making the keys of the piano at the front blurry. The photograph on the right had a low numbered F stop so that the keys in the foreground are clear and the keys after get more and more out of focus.


I was attempting to capture movement in these photographs. The faster shutter speed (higher number) resulted in a seemingly motionless picture. The blurry sunflower on the right was taken with a slower shutter speed (lower number) and the motion of the flower can be seen.


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