Altered Objects

The sumo turkey pictured below seemed faded and it blended into the background. In order to make it seem more alive and warm, I altered the contrast. To remove the unflattering background I used the magnetic magic wand tool to rid of the large sections. For the small portions of the background that still remained, such as between the ridges of the feathers, I used the eraser tool to achieve the end result.

IMG_1491     sumoTurkeyUpdate

Plump thanksgiving turkey fights back

Yoshi is one of the beloved characters in Mario Kart. Here he is on top of a Pez dispenser. I loved the clarity and sharpness of this image in addition to the location of the light and how it falls on the character, accentuating certain features. However, the background is much too cluttered and I wanted the photograph to show Yoshi. By cropping the photo and using the magic wand tool and eraser to get rid of the background I achieve the photograph seen on the right. I think these alterations allow the viewer to focus on the placement of the lighting and the organic and non-organic lines which make up Yoshi.

IMG_5120 yoshiUpdated

Mario Kart’s Yoshi

This photograph is one of my favorites. I loved the contrast between the orange and white on the pumpkin and the dark green and yellow on the acorn squash. Since contrasts become more obvious in black and white, I altered the photograph. I also loved the black in the foreground of the photograph because, once again it provides an excellent contrast with the lighter colors. The stem of pumpkins are all unique and it is actually what I look for when picking out my pumpkin. This being the case, I wanted the stem to be the sharpest focus in the photograph. Using the sharpening brush I was able to make this happen.

IMG_8361     pumkinSquashUpdate

The joys of Fall


One thought on “Altered Objects

  1. Here’s one comment for all three of your PS posts. Clearly, you know how to use the tool, and I appreciate the details in your text that describe how you made the enhancements. The next step is to move on to storytelling – what can you say with photos, and what can you say differently with text? You’re ready to move on to blended multimedia production.

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