Beautiful Landscapes

The two photos below were taken at a swamp in Corvallis, Oregon. I really wanted this shot to be focused on two things, first the sunset and second the silhouette of the grasses and cattails. In order to achieve this I cropped the photograph so that the   view became more narrow. Then I accentuated the sunset by adjusting the contrast.

swamp     swampUpdate

Beautiful sunset in Corvallis, Oregon

This photograph was taken at the front entrance of Linfield College. I really enjoy the lines in this photo. I love how the lines of the shadows contrast with organic, vertical lines made by the trees. One thing that I did not like in the original was how you could see houses in the background. Using the clone tool I removed these so that now it appears to just be an open forest of trees.

landscape     landscapeUpdate


Lurking shadows at Linfield College, McMinnville, OR

The images of the corn field maze below only have one element edited, the sky. I loved the white whips of the cloud on the right, a hint of those sunny, but freezing fall days. However the clouds on the left of the photo reminded me that following fall comes the down pour of rain and freezing weather. I wanted the viewer to be happy when they viewed this photograph so by replacing the darker clouds with bright blue sky, I believe this emotion can be achieved. This replacement was done by the means of the clone tool.

cornField     cornFieldUpdate


Frolicking through a maze of corn


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