Food Edits

Having never used Adobe Photoshop editing these photographs was quite challenging. For the image of the cupcakes below, I used the crop tool to get rid of the blank space above the dessert. Then I changed the photograph to black and white so that that the contrast between the frosting and the sprinkles really stands out from each other. The change to black and white also brings out the detail of the edges in the frosting, making those lines more clear.

IMG_0171     cupcakeUpdate

Decadent cupcakes

The bowl of ramen below contains such rich colors that I didn’t want the glare from the flash take away from that so I adjusted the brightness accordingly. I also loved how the deep wood table varied from the white bowl, but I did not like how noticeable the small red bowl in the background was. To rid of this bowl I used the clone stamp tool to draw over it and make it disappear.

IMG_1999     ramenUpdate

Colorful, healthy ramen

The editing job on the taco salad below was fairly simple. I wanted the photograph to just focus on the food. Using the magnetic wand I was able to remove large chunks of the background. To fix the parts that weren’t covered by the wand I went in with the eraser tool and erased the parts of the table that still remained. I like the end product because the negative space envelopes the bowls in a very complimentary way.

IMG_1186     tacoSaladUpdate

Homemade taco salad


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